Every child LOVES Music Together®! During the early years, it is extremely important that parents and caregivers be the ones who create a nurturing environment. Children are biologically "wired" to respond most to those with whom they have close bonds. Music Together classes help you build that bond. Best of all, it's fun!

We know we're doing something right because we get emails like this on a regular basis...

"I" (age 18mos) and I are enjoying the class so much! We listen to the cd every day at home and she knows the lyrics to many of the songs. She even sings the songs during mealtimes or diaper changes. I have also sung the lullaby songs to calm her down if she's crying. Thank you for making the class so fun and engaging for the moms and the babies!"  - AM


There are lots of ways we like to play with music...                                           And lots we like about Music Together...                                                                  



With my mom, dad and brother!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                          I could not have dreamed of a better experience for her than the  one [J] had with you.

                                                                         To love and feel loved by your first teacher sets the tone for a lifetime of learning.  I hear

                                                                         your name come  up in her play  often; and, of course, the Music Together experience

                                                                        and content is a huge part of our shared life vocabulary in so many ways.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -DP  mom of "J" ( age 2)


With my grandma and a rainbow maraca!



                                                                                             Thank you for the Music Together class. I had

                                                                                            fun dancing and playing instruments.  Love, K (age 3)






                                                                 Thanks for such a well thought out, organized and

                                                                                              creative class - and for making music such a great

                                                                                             thing for R [age 4]!                         - KM




With my care-giver and our friends!




                                                 We had such a great time in classes this session!   [ B] looked forward to class 

                                                                                                       all week and always had an easier time parting with [Mom] on Music Together

                                                                                                                                         mornings - "Now hello everybody music!"  - L. Z., care-giver for B (age 1.5) 




Under a parachute!                                                                       


              Thanks for coming. The adult volunteers enjoyed

                                          your music and activities as much as the children.

                          It brought back many happy and interesting

              memories of their children.  We hope you'll be

              coming again! 


              - MJ, on bahalf of the Arlington Food Pantry

                                           (Mystic Valley Music Together facilitates "Food Pantry Sing-Alongs" for which

                                            the "entry fee" is a non-perishable food item or two.  Please inquire if your

                                            business, organization or food pantry would like to co-sponsor or benefit from

                                            one of our sing-alongs!)