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Thank You & See You This Winter!

REGISTRATION for our Spring 2018 session is OPEN!! You may check the start dates for each locaion on our calendar. We have open registration and you may also join one of winter classes already in progress; please email us for details.

This spring, we'll be playing with the Triangle song collection which includes favorites like "Allee Galloo", "Maria Isabel" and "Skip to My Lou"! Remember the year I was obsessed with "Ally Bally"? Well, it's back again!


*(our song collections are named after musical instruments; however, instead of teaching that particular instrument, we support children's general musical development in rhythm and tone)



Article with Mass Realty

We were recently asked to contribute to Mass Realty's article database. Read the article here... http://www.massrealty.com/articles/children-grow-with-music



We are happy to provide music and movement fun - in the style of Music Together classes - at your special young person's birthday party.  We facilitate 1/2hr-45 minute sing-togethers and willingly work with your party theme, favorite songs or provide our own selections. Please email us with your party date and details.